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Personalkollen Werbung

Last year i was contacted by the ad agency Floe and their creative director Dan Billingham. They were given the assignement to give Personalkollen a hotter profile, web and graphics. They contacted me with an idea and asked me to take their sketches to finished photos that could represent the company.

The photos are shot in my studio in Umeå and we used fishing lines and steel wire to make all elements float in the air. The photos are shot on a grey background so that the colors could be change easilly.

Big thanks to Johan, Alex and Dan of course for a fun project!

personalkollen-retouch-file1-1500px personalkollen-retouch-file2-1500px

These are the sketches that were sent to me at an early stage:

chef econom

Finished product on the company’s website:


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