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Racefox: Move. Listen. Improve. Racefox Run is the intelligent tool for your workouts that analyses snd comments on your movements at the same time as you’re running. In the summer of 2017 i was handed the assignment to create campaign material that racefox could use for the release of the product, their app and website.

The company wanted dynamic pictures where the product is used – but with a twist. The company “pet” – the fox should be included in the photos.

These are the four pictures i produced as ordered by creative director Dan Billingham.

Racefox 1 web res Racefox-3-webSkärmavbild-2018-04-27-kl.-13.32.52Skärmavbild-2018-04-27-kl.-13.31.49Skärmavbild-2018-04-27-kl.-13.31.35

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