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Älvsbyhus #1 Catalogue & Advertising Campaign

Älvsbyhus is one of the biggest house producers in Sweden and scandinavia and have since the start in the 1960’s built 38 000 houses in Sweden, Norway and Finland. In many ways 2016 is sort of a fresh start for Älvsbyhus. They start producing new house models and update their graphic profile from head to toes. 

EmilMedia had the honor to update their picture style and photograph the ad photos and catalogues to all three countries. Together with Camilla Mauree of Genuint af Norrland we styled a house in two completely different styles. Since we only had acess to one house for the project we had to meticulously plan the whole project to keep within the time frames given. The minute one room was finished for one picture, it was re arranged and styled to fit a completely different style. A fun challenge and one of the biggest projects we’ve done up to date.

Below you can see the first part of the series shot for Älvsbyhus.
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Photographer & Production: Emil Nyström
2nd Camera: Florian Moritz
Set stylist: Camilla Mauree/Genuint Af Norrland
MUA & Hair: Pia Johansson
Wardrobe Stylist: Alex Prowse
Digital Tech: Johan Norström/Salmonfox
Creative assistant: Rikard Östberg
Assistant: Rakel Sikström
Art director/Agency Rep: Christoffer Granström/Vinter
Retouch: Emil Nyström & Justin Rubin/Retuscheriet

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