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Älvsbyhus #2 Catalogue & Advertising Campaign

In case you missed our first post about the work we did for Älvsbyhus, check it out here.

As we wrote in the previous post, during may/june 2016 we helped Älvsbyhus update their picture styles and shot images for their catalogues and advertising campaign. What you see below is parts of what we shot during 1,5 week with a super talented team. 


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Photographer & Production: Emil Nyström
2nd Camera: Florian Moritz
Set stylist: Camilla Mauree/Genuint Af Norrland
MUA & Hair: Pia Johansson
Wardrobe Stylist: Alex Prowse
Digital Tech: Johan Norström/Salmonfox
Creative assistant: Rikard Östberg
Assistant: Rakel Sikström
Art director/Agency Rep: Christoffer Granström/Vinter
Retouch: Emil Nyström & Justin Rubin/Retuscheriet

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