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Björnstorm Ice Hockey

Björnstorm Hockey Umeå - Emil Nyström Advertising photographer
When you’ve got an idea of an image you want to create, but no client to work with, you take matters in your own hands. Together with producer Florian Moritz, Moritz Me, we created an advertising image for Umeås most beautiful amateur team: Björnstorm. Inspired by the American NHL teams and action movie posters we created the image you see above.

Since there are not so many action sport posters made in Sweden we wanted to do something epic and create an army of hockey players and bears to instill fear in the opponents. Early in the planning we collected inspirational images to get the right movement in the players, the snow and the bears. We later photographed the players with the Hasselblad camera and the bear at the Zoo and lit everything to fit the sketched out environment we had done in the pre production.

The biggest time consumer for a project like this is the post work. It was of utter most important to make everything thoroughly because so it would look as good in print as it does on a screen. It was also important to give it time because we really wanted to capture that raw feeling from the army. In the end we got the feeling we wanted from the movement and composition with the players, bears and extra details such as the snow and flags. The image really has that feeling of an moving army

To give you a feeling of how we work, we’ve simplified it in a gif below:

You can also find a behind the scenes clip from the studio shoot:

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