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Racefox 1 web res
April 27, 2018

Racefox: Move. Listen. Improve. Racefox Run is the intelligent tool for your workouts that analyses snd comments on your movements at the same time as you’re running. In the summer of 2017 i was handed the assignment to create campaign material that racefox could use for the release of the…


In January 2017 i helped the ad agency Vinter by photographing advertising images and photos for the catalog of Swedens biggest home suppliers: Älvsbyhus. This time we we’re faced with incredibly short preparation as the job landed in our laps less than two weeks before the shoot needed to take place….

April 26, 2018

Last year i was contacted by the ad agency Floe and their creative director Dan Billingham. They were given the assignement to give Personalkollen a hotter profile, web and graphics. They contacted me with an idea and asked me to take their sketches to finished photos that could represent the…


Some times i’m lucky enough to travel the world to take advertising photos. These are from a campaign that i photographed for the Swiss company Innotrixx and their product Hotelplus+. Fun shoot in epic environments, can it get any better? The photos are shot on two different mountain tops; Axalp and…


During 2016 we shot some of my favorite photos of all time. This picture of the Original Long Drink is one of those. The idea of the photo is that the drink is so good, you’d travel across the world to find a bottle. We worked from a very rough…

October 26, 2016

We certainly love being creative and taking things a step further in our pictures. With this attitude we started some personal projects that’s a pinch self-ironic, these latest images were shot in July 2016.  Florian found a small spot behind our studio in Basel, Switzerland that looked more like a jungle than the…

October 20, 2016

In case you missed our first post about the work we did for Älvsbyhus, check it out here. As we wrote in the previous post, during may/june 2016 we helped Älvsbyhus update their picture styles and shot images for their catalogues and advertising campaign. What you see below is parts of what we…

October 19, 2016

Älvsbyhus is one of the biggest house producers in Sweden and scandinavia and have since the start in the 1960′s built 38 000 houses in Sweden, Norway and Finland. In many ways 2016 is sort of a fresh start for Älvsbyhus. They start producing new house models and update their graphic profile from…

emil tennis2
August 23, 2016

 It’s been a long time since we updated the staff portraits here at EmilMedia. We wanted to do something that showed the creative side of what we do. We went to a flea market here in Umeå to see if we could find something that could spark our ideas. We…


One of my clients that keep coming back with great commissioned work is the Frozen Yoghurt Franchise Honeycomb. They give free hands when it comes to picture style/ID and are always op En av de kunderna som ständigt återkommer med roliga uppdrag är Frozen Yoghurt-kedjan Honeycomb. De ger fria händer…

Emil Nystrom Magazine Cover Umea-1
June 17, 2016

A dream I’ve always had as an artist is that my pictures are spread around the world. About a year ago one of my pictures we’re fortunate enough to be featured as the magazine cover for Motto. How cool is it not that you’re picture is on the front cover…

Citycon EmilMedia fotograf square

In february I got a phone call from one of my previous clients: The AD agency Vinter and Citycon, a shopping center chain, which owns 52 shopping centers in Scandinavia and frequented by more than 200 million visitors annually, they wanted to launch a campaign influenced by the slogan “Unexpected meetings”….

April 25, 2016

Grönsaksfabriken (vegetable wholesale merchant) got in touch with me and wanted some pictures of their products. They wanted images that conveyed a sense of the products themselves and wanted us to capture examples of how to use the goods. Results down below. At least my mouth is watering!

Advertising photography - Innotrixx / Hotelplus+

It was really hot, in the summer of 2015. However, when we were writing the concept for the IT-Serviceprovider Innotrixx, we didn’t know that the weather would fit perfectly with our plans. So on a cold winterday emil and me sat down to think about heartwarming scenes, that took place in a…