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Citycon – Lifestyle AD Campaign

In february I got a phone call from one of my previous clients: The AD agency Vinter and Citycon, a shopping center chain, which owns 52 shopping centers in Scandinavia and frequented by more than 200 million visitors annually, they wanted to launch a campaign influenced by the slogan “Unexpected meetings”. One week later we had prepared for five days of shooting and together with my partner Florian on the plane to Stockholm, where the first part of the campaign was to be shot. In the following days we photographed twelve different models at different venues in different shopping malls. The challenge was to be mobile and to have a continuity in the layout and light between the locations. With our combined experience and tremendous job from the models and stylists everything came together perfectly. 

After an intensive and very entertaining week we enjoyed a free evening and visited the Museum of Photography in Stockholm, which showed an exhibition of Erik Johansson at this time. With some new inspiration and creative boost we left the Museum full of new ideas and were proud to be part of this vibrant and creative team.

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