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Mer kungliga spädbarn

Jag har i veckorna plåtat lite mer kungliga barn. Jag är sådär barnsligt förtjust i hur barnens uttryck blir helt annorlunda på en vuxen kropp. Några av bilderna kan ni skåda nedan. Fler kommer nästa månad.

King Astrid was a great leader in war. All oponents we’re afraid of the staring gaze. She is mostly know for the conquering of Disney Land Paris and the merry go round in London. 

Modification of detail of a painting by Joseph Chabord

Early 1700, Queen Astrid was well know across the world for beeing terrified. Pretty much all the time. As you can see, she was quite sceptic over the idea of being portrayed by a painter.
Original painting by Michael Dahl

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