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Original Long Drink

During 2016 we shot some of my favorite photos of all time. This picture of the Original Long Drink is one of those. The idea of the photo is that the drink is so good, you’d travel across the world to find a bottle. We worked from a very rough sketch to create a perfect environment that complemented the can perfectly. 

The first part of the photo is the background that is photographed in the Titlis mountains in Switzerland. A whole day was spent on capturing different parts in the light we wanted. 

Second part in the bottle and the ice its submerged in. That part is shot in our studio in Umeå. 

Last part is the bridge and traveller. The traveller is just like the bottle shot in studio, while the bridge is made from CGI. 


Here you can see a gif animation of how the work in photoshop can look like those cases where you logistically cant shoot an entire photo in the same place.

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