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A Summer Visit in the Jungle

We certainly love being creative and taking things a step further in our pictures. With this attitude we started some personal projects that’s a pinch self-ironic, these latest images were shot in July 2016. 

Florian found a small spot behind our studio in Basel, Switzerland that looked more like a jungle than the typical chocolate alp mountains or sound of music hills you find in Switzerland. A photo sent over to Emil and the idea to make a picture from it was born.

We wanted to do something funny that also could be used as advertising to send out to our current and future clients. So we came up with the story of us loosing our selves in the Jungle in south america and that the photo that would be sent out as a post card from the jungle.

After a few hours in the freezing water standing on our knees on hard and pointy rocks we we’re finished with this photo:


The postcards were sent out with these words:



We wanted to do something special this summer so we headed to the jungle for a trip.


The Weather was really good and the food really, lets say, special. 
Unfortunately we lost our guide on the second day so we had to share a cave with a gorilla for the rest of the trip. What a nice guy!

Finally back home, hope you had a great vacation. Cant wait to hear what you did.

-Flo and Emil”




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